The Installation Process

The pool layout is carefully marked for precision.

The dig begins the process for perfection.

The hole is carefully prepared to achieve proper shape and depth.

Now that the parameters are correct, the pool is ready to be set in place.

The timely process of filling the pool with water begins.

The proper plumbing and electrical equipment is installed.

The concrete is poured around the pool and its foundation.

Your lifetime guaranteed pool is installed.

Our Warehouse

The Dig

Hole is graded.

The Set

Pool Arrives

Water is added.

Plumbing is set.

Concrete Forms Are Set.

Fence Gets Installed

Completed Pool

Swimming Pool Design


Choosing your swimming pool design is one of the most enjoyable aspects of installing a pool. We offer a very wide range of swimming pool designs, which is part of the reason we’re the number one fiberglass pool builders in Michigan. We have pools in a terrific variety of styles, sizes and shapes, to suit any private backyard or commercial courtyard.

Personalizing your swimming pool design

We also offer a lot of cool ways to personalize your swimming pool design. For example, you may want to consider adding fiber optic lighting to your Viking pool. You can choose fiber optic lighting in white, or in four different colors. You can choose the “thru wall” light, or the “rim” light. A pool lit in thru wall purple fiber optic lighting, for example, looks luxurious and inviting. You may end up swimming at night just as often as you swim during the day! Plus, a lit pool makes a wonderful centerpiece for a party, so fiber optic lighting is great for folks who love to entertain.

Another great way to personalize your design is with tile. You can beautify your pool with a tiled border, inlaid tile, or mosaic. Inlaid tiles are a very pretty way to separate stairs and seats from the rest of the pool, creating texture. They help make your Viking pool more interesting, more unique, and safer.

Cascades and streams provide a final romantic touch to your pool. Cascades and streams not only look fantastic, but they sound wonderful, too! Details like these help make your in-ground pool something truly special and unique, and help make the time you spend there some of the very best times you and your family will ever know.